We appreciate that when you are planning a new project it can be difficult to know where to begin.

An initial site visit and consultation is offered to all potential clients, free of charge.

At this first meeting we give you an indication regarding the feasibility of the project in both planning and building terms.

We may also suggest alternative ways of meeting your requirements.

After the meeting we will write to you with our fee quotation.

This will usually be calculated using our assessment of the amount of time and resources required to undertake your project in the correct, professional manner.

Historically, architects have calculated fees as a percentage of final construction cost, but we find it more economic to charge on a daily rate for the actual hours put in.

Our fees are always fixed and agreed in advance. We will never charge you for anything without your agreement. The timing of invoices will made clear at the outset.

Workstage 1 - Feasibility Study

  • Measured survey of the existing building
  • Physical feasibility of the proposals
  • Agreement on the scope of works
  • Project briefing and procurement advice
  • Prepare a full set of existing drawings in CAD and SketchUp
  • Proposed planning strategy
  • Financial feasibility

Workstage 2 - Planning Permission

  • Prepare freehand sketch design options for your approval
  • Liaise with the design team to confirm buildability
  • Prepare a full set of outline design drawings in CAD and SketchUp
  • Prepare and collate all the supporting planning paperwork
  • Prepare 3D views of the proposals and architectural visuals in context
  • Submit the full package as a planning submission to the planning department
  • Liaise with the case officer at the planning department and provide any additional material required

Workstage 3 - Detail design

  • Provide the Design Guide
  • Confirm the Construction of the proposals with the Structural Engineer and other consultants
  • Liaise with the design team to confirm the detail design
  • Prepare a full set of Building Regulations material and submit to the local authority

Workstage 4 - Contracts & Construction

  • Tender the project to a number of suitable Main Contractors
  • Interview each of the Main Contractors, take references and confirm suitability
  • Prepare a fixed price contract with a timetable for client approval
  • Make site visits to confirm the quality of the work and prepare interim payments
  • Prepare the certificate of Practical Completion
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